Virtual Switch Service /
Wholesale Carrier

SpeedyPin Prepaid's Virtual Switch platform is available to switchless carriers. It gives you the power to create and manage prepaid products.

The SpeedyPin Prepaid platform supports mobile phone ILD, calling cards, ANI recognition products, VoIP, SMS and Web call-back and much more, all with local and toll-free access throughout the world. With this easy-to-use software interface, you can create rate decks; generate pins; activate and deactivate calling cards; run real-time profitability reports; bill customers by first use; review Least Cost Routing in real time and gain customer service features such as account detail records and the ability to credit accounts.

You receive information on new carriers and rate changes as soon as they become available, empowering you to respond promptly to market conditions and maintain your competitive advantage. You get all the features of SpeedyPin Prepaid's product feature set, including:

. ANI Recognition - Through this direct-dial service, users can register their ANI (or ID) with their first call, eliminating the need for entering a PIN on subsequent calls, whether international or domestic.
. Manual/Automatic Recharge Ability - Users can recharge their cards online directly through your business' website.
. Custom Call Flows - We can set up a custom call flow designed to best serve your niche.
. International and domestic DIDs - Assign your customers multiple international phone numbers so that contacts abroad can reach them via local phone calls.
. Online and SMS-triggered callback - Users can send an online request to have Speedypin Prepaid platform call their phones and immediately connect them with a number anywhere in the world.

SpeedyPin Prepaid's wholesale carrier program offers a true turnkey prepaid billing and management solution for its customers.